Stone Soup Venture
video & media production for foundations and nonprofits
Proof that when everyone contributes a little, a greater good is achieved.
About Us
The Story of Stone Soup
This video was produced for the 'Mountain Harvest Festival' a nonprofit annual 4 day event that donates its profits to local charities and scholarships. The video speaks directly to prospective donors.
This video was produced to express the need for people to become Foster and/or Adoptive parents. It uses a host and many seasoned professionals to educate and inform.
This is a sample of a video that was produced in order to educate a supervisory board why they should not cut the budget for a county program AFDC (Aid For Dependent Children). The video was so successful the result after viewing was an increase in the budget rather than a cut.
This video was produced for the Colorado based nonprofit "A Little Help" it explains with interviews, photos and voice what they are all about.

This video was produced for a new innovative program titled 'Teens On Farms'. The purpose of this video is to educate and inform potential donors exactly what the program is, why and who it benefits.

Click Here to visit the website we created for Teens On Farms.
An educational video recorded at an ACLU Seminar explaining about our rights when stopped by police.